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24 May 2012

Top 3 Breastfeeding Tips

Before Charis was born, I had not read any breastfeeding books.  Coworkers or friends would often ask what are you doing to prepare for breastfeeding.  I jokingly answered, "I'll be giving birth."  Many times, they'd be shocked and immediately recommend a list of books to read about breastfeeding, and I promptly ignored their list and would go on my way.

I wanted to stay away from books because when I flipped through one at Barnes and Noble, I noticed it was 200+ pages and I started to get panicky.  Thankfully, I did not buy it.  I think we are sometimes told so much information we begin to doubt ourselves and doubt what our body is designed to do.  I'm not saying it will be smooth sailing or that you won't have trouble, but I figure why worry about it unnecessarily.  The only real problem I had with breastfeeding was I had mastitis and the symptoms told me that something's not right and I'm going to call the on call doctor.  When I saw this week's topic for the #BFBlogHop is "Top 3 Tips!", I was thrilled.

  1. Don't feel like you have to read every little bit of information on breastfeeding.  You might become worried about every little thing.  Instead, relax and enjoy spending time with your baby.
  2. When people ask, "How are you going to feed the baby?"  Don't say, "I plan on breastfeeding, but we'll see how it goes."  When you say that, you are setting yourself to use formula.  Tell them, "I'm going to breastfeed."  Yes, there are times where breastfeeding doesn't work out and you can realize that, but often you can tell by somebody's tone that they're unsure that they'll be able to breastfeed before they even start.
  3. Lanolin is WONDERFUL.  Buy some before your baby is born.  It can also double for helping you lanolize wool soakers.
What are your tips?  
I have many more, but we're only allowed three.  ;)

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