Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Upcoming Job Interview {Gratituesday}

01 May 2012

Upcoming Job Interview {Gratituesday}

As you know, I have not been happy with my job at the hospital, but I'm not able to quit.  If I quit, we'd be coming under our outgoing expenses, and by staying on, we're in the black. Drew has applied to many jobs, but nothing has come out of the numerous applications, except 2 part time jobs {for which we are thankful for}.  He works 50+ hours/week and on top of that is trying to find time to work on his dissertation for his PhD, in addition to being a husband and father.  I don't know how he does it.

I applied for a school nurse position and have a job interview next Tuesday.  I want to get the job.  I'd be working Monday-Friday, 8 hour days, and have weekends and holidays off. Basically, I'd be following the school calendar.  If I was offered the job and accepted it, Drew would stay home with Charis, and he'd be able to focus on completing his dissertation.  He'd probably work 1-2 nights per week-four hours each night.  Yes, I want to stay home with Charis full time, but Drew has been looking for something full time for 20+ months and nothing has come.  We feel like we are in limbo.  Once Drew finishes his dissertation, hopefully he'd be able to find a job at a college or university.

I'm thankful that I'll have an interview, but would like prayer that the interview would go well, and that God will give us wisdom.

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  1. Will be praying for the Lord's favor on this request, Sarah! May He give you the desires of your heart! ~Lisa