Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Best Day of My Life {Summer #BlogChallenge}

11 June 2012

Best Day of My Life {Summer #BlogChallenge}

One of the best days of my life was the day I married Drew.  We grew up together, went to the same church, same school, and same college.  I had NO interest in him other than friendship, but he was interested in me.  When we were at Grove City College, a few of my friends would ask, "What about Drew?  He's a nice guy."  I said, "Absolutely NOT!" Thankfully, God's plans were different than mine.  We were married August 21, 2009.  My uncle from Northern Ireland came over and performed the marriage ceremony.  It was so nice.  I'm thrilled that I married Drew, "For better, or worse. In sickness and health.  As long as we both shall live."  
Marriage is not mainly about prospering economically. It is mainly about displaying the covenant keeping love between Christ and His church... ~John Piper

What has been the best day in your life?


  1. Aww! My wedding day would definitely be one of the best days too (maybe my engagement day might top it b/c I was SOOO excited to have him propose! LOL!).
    I love the quote at the end... I found my eyes more open to exactly HOW Christ loves us once I was married and experienced that kind of husband/wife love in my life. It's truly beautiful the way in which God loves us and how we get to communicate that love to the world through keeping our marriage vows.
    Julie @ A Year With Mom and Dad

    1. My engagement day probably would have been one of my favorite days, but my husband and I set a date before we were officially engaged.

  2. I can say no other than I'm so touched.. never experienced that 'vow' part (yet), but from the way you expressed it in this writing, I can see how powerful it is.. :) may all happiness and blessing be with ur family ^^