Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Children's Catechism {Gratituesday}

12 June 2012

Children's Catechism {Gratituesday}

I have many reasons to be thankful. I have been going over the first 3 questions of the Catechism for Young Children with Charis. She knows the answer to the first question. I ask her, "Who made you Charis?" She answers, "Gah" (AKA God; she can't pronounce d's at the end of a word). She has yet to answer any other questions, but I'm so thrilled she's able to answer this question.

I ordered From the Lips of Little Ones: A Study in the Catechism (for very little people) from Crown and Covenant and will be reading it to Charis when I receive it.

What are you thankful for?
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  1. Oh, how I miss those younger "wonder" years. :) Such a blessing to catechize our little ones! Enjoy all those "Gahs" -- you will miss them when she adds the "d."

    Blessings, ~Lisa