Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Cooking Disasters {Summer #BlogChallenge}

09 June 2012

Cooking Disasters {Summer #BlogChallenge}

Chocolate chip cookies I made today.
A MUCH better success than the
cookies 20+ years ago.
I LOVE cooking and baking.  I remember "helping" my mum in the kitchen as a young child before I started kindergarten.  She taught me how to cook, read a recipe, turn on the oven, use the KitchenAid mixer, etc.

When I was 8, I was baking on my own.  Yes, I had to get permission, but my mum and dad were there if I had a question or needed help. One time, I was baking chocolate chip cookies. I misread "1 cup sugar" for "1 cup of salt." When they were finished, I proudly brought the cookies to my dad to eat, at this point I had not yet tried them.  After taking a bite, he immediately asked for a glass of milk, which I got.  He ate TWO cookies.  Then I had a cookie and ended up in tears because they were "yucky."  My dad then had ANOTHER one.  I thought, "My dad likes them."  I'm assuming the rest of the cookies were thrown away, but I appreciate my dad encouraging me. He did not belittle me or make fun of me for messing up, but now we just laugh at that memory.

What cooking disasters have you had?


  1. Love it! You can see mine here. http://forhimandmyfamily.blogspot.com/2012/06/blogchallenge-day-9.html

    We must be long lost cousins! It could actually be possible, lol. My grandmum was a WWII war bride from England. The kicker was her parents were an English Protestant mum and an Irish Catholic da. . . .

    1. Wow! How did your grandmother's parents get married? That's amazing.

  2. eek! My sister did something like that. She was making box brownies and used a 2 cup glass measure for the oil (do you see where this is going?) instead of using 1/4 cup she used 1 1/4 cups. She basically deep fried the brownie batter. It was bad, I don't think anyone ate any of them.

    Your dad sound amazing!

  3. What a sweet, wonderful dad!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has had cooking disasters. http://sewrecyclelove.blogspot.com/