Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Goals for June {Summer #BlogChallenge}

05 June 2012

Goals for June {Summer #BlogChallenge}


1. Read the Bible daily.  It's important to spend time in God's word; sometimes, I'm better at it and other times, not great.
2. Memorize Psalm 88B.  This is the Psalm of the month at church.
3. Pray for my husband daily.  This I usually do, but it's still good to be reminded that he needs me to be a helper to him.

4. Photograph the finished skirtie and post on blog.  I should have better planned this because it's currently drying from being lanolized.
5. Start {and finish} my sister's Christmas gift.  It's June, and I just realized I don't have ANY Christmas gifts completed yet.  If I want to give items made with love by me for Christmas, I need to work on them year round.

6. Read at least two books in June.  Charis and I joined the summer reading program at the library yesterday.  I have to read 6 books over the summer.
7. Do the activities on Charis's reading program and take during the month of June so she can get a prize.

8. Deep clean the bathroom.  I hate cleaning.  I was going to write clean the kitchen, but thankfully because of trying to do the FlyLady's suggestion on "shining the sink", the kitchen is more likely to be clean.
9. Go through clothes and take clothes I no longer want and/or wear to a thrift store.
10. Continue weekly menu planning.  I have been keeping up on this pretty well, but have not been blogging about it.

What are your goals for this week and/or month?


  1. I love your goals! I could print this and put it on my fridge! It's a great to do list for any mom!

  2. Whoa Sarah Jane! You are a woman of many trades! :o)

  3. Ugh... you made me tired just reading your list because it is all pretty much stuff I need to do too

  4. I would love to see the skirty!

  5. sarah i love your spiritual goals!!! i know that with God being First in my life i get so much done!! GOD is great!!