Wife, Mummy, Nurse: I LOVE My Husband {Summer #BlogChallenge}

26 June 2012

I LOVE My Husband {Summer #BlogChallenge}

Drew and I kissing at his sister's wedding
on March 27, 2010.

Drew shows his love to me in several ways.
1. He gives me a kiss every morning and evening.
2. He makes dinner on the days I have to work.
3. He prays with me every night before bed.
4. He reads the Bible and takes our family to church.
5. He takes out the trash.  {One of my least favorite chores.}
6. He buys me gum for no reason other than the fact I like it.  {He only does this a handful of times during the year, but I almost never buy it, so it's nice when he does.}
7. He sometimes gets up at night when Charis is crying and/or sometimes lets me sleep in.

How does your husband show his love to you?

FYI: If you think about it, can you please pray for my husband tomorrow.  
He has his proposal defense for his dissertation.

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