Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Meaning Behind My Blog Name {Summer #BlogChallenge}

04 June 2012

Meaning Behind My Blog Name {Summer #BlogChallenge}

I think my blog name is self explanatory-Life as a Wife, Mummy, and Nurse.

  • I am a wife to Drew.  We were married on August 21, 2009.  I love him, and he loves me.
  • I am a mummy to Charis.  I chose "mummy" because that's the British word for mother.  My mum is from Britain, and I still call her mummy.  Drew laughs at the way I say her name.  Charis was born August 18, 2010, but I have been her mummy since November 2009.  Our daughter was a wee surprise, but I love her and am so glad God blessed us with her.
  • I am a registered nurse.  I took the NCLEX-RN in September 2006 and found out I passed October 2006.  I used to love nursing, but now only tolerate it.  I have had a few disappointments the last year with applying for jobs.  I was about to be offered two different jobs, but when I told them, I could not work immediately due to the fact that my husband works and we could not find child care in just a few days. Eventually, I told the company that they needed to stop calling me and wasting my time.  I'm first a wife and a mother.  I need to make sure that my daughter is able to be looked after.  I would have been able to start in 2-3 weeks, but they needed somebody immediately.  Plus, management at my current place is less than desirable; I'm sure some people would just say, "Quit.  Find a new job, but I wish it were that easy."

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  1. Hey, found you on the blog hop - now following! I'm replying to this post out of all the others, mainly because I can empathise with you on the job front. I've been nursing pretty much over the last decade (among other jobs). I loved it so much and it was fine when I was single or childless. It wasn't so easy when my little one arrived, in fact it was a nightmare. People don't realise how difficult and pressurising nursing can be at times, especially when you have a family. I had several issues with child care and it drove me crazy. My registration ran out last month and I did regret not renewing it at first but I'm OK about it now - the decision to leave was not easy though, it was made over several months not overnight. We have less pennies but I'm there for my little girl and I feel much less stressed. I'm never saying never again though, I think nursing is difficult to ever truly get away from! I really hope things work out for you job-wise :) xoxo