Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Why I Did Not Like My Episiotomy {Summer #BlogChallenge}

12 June 2012

Why I Did Not Like My Episiotomy {Summer #BlogChallenge}

Today's prompt is "my worst injury", but when I was planning this post, I was stuck.  I have never had any serious injuries (or at least nothing really worth blogging about). One injury I did not like having was an episiotomy. An episiotomy is an incision that is made between the vaginal opening and anus during delivery.

A few things bothered me about my episiotomy:
  1. The doctor did not say, "I'm going to be giving you an episiotomy." It wasn't until after my daughter was born, that I found out.
  2. My daughter was not showing any signs of distress. I had been pushing for less than 2 hours. The doctor was impatient and most likely wanted to go eat dinner instead of waiting longer.
Thankfully, I don't seem to have any complications from the episiotomy. For my next birth, I plan on choosing a different doctor and making my choices clearer to my health care provider.

What is the worst injury you had? Did you have an episiotomy with any of your births?

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