Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Nicknames AKA Terms of Endearment {Summer #BlogChallenge}

06 June 2012

Nicknames AKA Terms of Endearment {Summer #BlogChallenge}

Growing up my parents had different nicknames for us.  As a toddler, my mum called me "Sarah Bara" and my dad called me "Pet."  Many of my friends/acquaintances in elementary and high school thought these were weird names.  They would comment, "Your parents think you're an animal."  I would explain to them, "No, they don't.  It's a term of endearment."

Later, I graduated to "S.A.M."  It stood for Slow As Molasses.  During my junior high years, I was always the last one ready out the door when my family would be going places.  It started to be a running joke that I was a S.A.M.  My sister told me it also stood for Silly As Monkeys. I told my family it was actually Sweet As Molasses.

When I went to Uganda in 2006, I was given the name "Nakiru" by some Karimojong.  Akiru means rain. Nakiru is the feminine form of akiru (and Lokiru the masculine form). I was given that name while we were in a village visiting someone, I forget who. (Unfortunately, I didn't journal as much as I should have.) I was asked, "When were you born?" I answered in the winter; it was translated by Margie. So I was given the name "Nakiru." Everytime after that, I would introduce myself as "Sarah Nakiru."

Do you have any nicknames?
What are they?

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