Wife, Mummy, Nurse: The Why of the Summer #BlogChallenge

01 June 2012

The Why of the Summer #BlogChallenge

There are a group of bloggers who decided publish a blog post everyday this summer-from June 1st-August 31st.  I have decided to join this challenge.

Why? It actually sounds like fun.  With the last few giveaways, I've had, it's been enjoyable, but I have not done a whole lot of blogging during those times, except when posting the reviews.  Plus, it's a way to "meet" other people.  I've already met a few bloggers since starting this blog that I'd love to meet.

At the same time, I also realize that with summer, I'm outside more and away from home more often, so I might not post everyday, but I'm going to give it an honest attempt.  It will be hardest when my husband, daughter, and I will be away at our denomination's international conference is in July, and when my siblings, their spouses, and hopefully my husband and I are getting together at a cabin for a weekend in August.  So during those times especially, I may not post like I hope and plan to.

Thankfully, there are blogging prompts that we write about, so I don't need all of my creative juices flowing {or lack of} to write a blog post.  The prompts are:

June 1: Why are you doing this challenge? {You're currently reading it.}
June 2: Post a picture of you smiling.
June 3: 15 interesting facts about yourself.
June 4: Meaning behind your blog name.
June 5: Short term goals for this month and why those goals.
June 6: Nicknames you have & why you have them.
June 7: Picture of something that makes you happy. 
June 8: Not including blogging, your favorite guilty pleasure.
June 9: Your worst cooking disaster.
June 10: Cost aside, famous art piece you would have in your home.
June 11: Best day of your life.
June 12: Worst injury you've had & how it happened.
June 13: How you see yourself by the end of the year.
June 14: Give your followers 15 tips to get through life. 
June 15: Post a photo you took that you're proud of.
June 16: Fitness guru or couch potato? Talk about your fitness habits.
June 17: 3 things you are proud of about your personality.
June 18: A recipe you love.
June 19: Something you're proud of from the last few days.
June 20: Photo of you as a young child.
June 21: Most recent words of wisdom you heard that stuck with you.
June 22: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
June 23: Favorite Blog Post you've written before this challenge.
June 24: Favorite eco-friendly thing to do. 
June 25: Ideal day of "me time", without thinking of money, time or any of life's other normal stresses. 
June 26: What does your significant other do that makes your heart melt? 
June 27: What's the best gift you've ever received? 
June 28: How do you do your laundry?? Give your laundry tricks. 
June 29: Write a "How To" post
June 30: Post a photo of an outfit that either is your style or you wish was your style.

July 1: Tell about something eco friendly that you already do.
July 2: Share a poem you've written or just one you like
July 3: Travel & plans you have for the summer.
July 4: To celebrate Independence Day, you are "free" to post whatever you want.
July 5: Talk about a fear you have.
July 6: What is a holiday tradition you have in your family?
July 7: Something you would attempt if you knew you couldn't fail.
July 8: Favorite piece of poetry. (Can be written by you or just one you like)
July 9: What are some of your biggest pet peeves?
July 10: What is the hardest challenge you have been faced with?
July 11: Share 5 or 10 of your favorite blogs or websites.
July 12: Talk about a vacation you have taken.
July 13: Then & now photos of you. 
July 14: One piece of advice you want to give to your child.
July 15: Got any good makeup tips/routines? 
July 16: Favorite room in your house.
July 17: A random act of kindness.
July 18: 5 things to do if the power goes out. 
July 19: If you were president or prime minister for a day, what's one law you would change? 
July 20: What would you do with the $ if you won the lottery?
July 21: Talk about a free activity to do with children.
July 22: What's your best gardening tip?
July 23: How do you beat the summer heat?
July 24: What's a band that you've been listening to and liking lately?
July 25: Give us 3 easy healthy meals or snacks for young kids & toddlers.
July 26: If you could have a super power, what would it be? 
July 27: Write up something about an alternative energy source.
July 28: When was the last time you "roughed it"? 
July 29: How does your life measure up to the vision you had when you were younger? 
July 30: Are you an artist?? Show some artwork or doodling you've done. Don't do art, share something you like then.
July 31: Post a black and white photo you've taken.

August 1: Share an idea for a handmade gift to give to someone else.
August 2:  What's one feature you would have to have in your dream home?
August 3: What helps you get through meltdowns?
August 4: What is your favorite article of clothing?
August 5: What's your dream job?
August 6: Do you have a favorite author?
August 7: What's a skill you wish you had?
August 8: Create a bucket list with a minimum of 10 things.
August 9: Name a movie you like. What about it appeals to you?
August 10: Share a pet that you have or had in the past.
August 11: Post a typical "day in the life" post.
August 12: What's an eco-friendly organization that you could get behind and support?
August 13: What type of schooling do you currently or plan to do with your children?
August 14: Give a good piece of advice to first time parents.
August 15: The hardest part of parenting is...
August 16: 10 things you love about your significant other (or kids or pets).

Will you participate in this?
I myself will not be writing something on Sundays, 
so I'll be scheduling those posts.


  1. I hope you have fun knitting that Union Jack! It was a bit tricky at first but then I got into the knack of it. I need to make mine up so that I can use it! I want to make a cushion for my couch -- my husband thinks I'm a bit strange. :)

  2. Ooh, you're a knitter! Looking forward to knowing you better :-)

  3. Seems like you have a busy summer... we have nothing planned. With a new baby coming in August we are saving to visit family during the holiday season. Good luck!
    CJR @ TMB