Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Mini Shawl {Yarn Along}

26 July 2012

Mini Shawl {Yarn Along}

Recently, I have been knitting this Mini Shawl. I have no idea who will be receiving it. I am knitting it to use up some of my yarn stash. At the 38th Annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, I bought Ella Rae Classic Print yarn.  I like the colorway.  If it's not too big, I'll probably end up giving it to Charis or a girl at church.  The pattern is SO easy.  It's a quick knit, and I had no problem memorizing it.

I am about 60 pages into Mockingjay, the last of The Hunger Games trilogy.  I was able to read the first two in a day, but this book is taking longer because I decided I wanted to visit with my parents last week and visit and renew friendships this week. I'll probably read it next Monday or Tuesday.

What have you been knitting or reading recently?


  1. I just finished three big projects today - only 1 of which involved yarn - a crocheted yarn monkey luvie. I'll be posting photos in the next week or so. The other a cover for my outside table and then a patchwork quilt. They've all been in the works for a few months. It just happens that today they all came together while the kids took an especially long nap.

    I like the covers of the shawl. I'd like to see a photo of it on young Miss Charis.

  2. Summer provides the perfect opportunity to step away from projects (or books) to invest our time otherwise. Enjoy your time with your folks and old friends. :) Looking forward to seeing your shawl when it's finished -- lovely colors! ~Lisa