Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Why Do I Breastfeed? {#BFBlogHop}

12 July 2012

Why Do I Breastfeed? {#BFBlogHop}

In the United States, most expect moms to stop breastfeeding as soon as their baby turns one.  Last November, I thought Charis was in the process of weaning; she was only nursing 2-3 times per day, but then she got sick.  She would vomit EVERY SINGLE TIME she ate.  The ONLY thing she was able to keep down was breastmilk, so I decided to put in Peter Rabbit on my lap top, snuggle with Charis, and nurse her every 3 hours.  After this, she became interested in the 24 hour milk buffet again.  I was not impressed at the time, but now I'm thankful she's still nursing, even at 22 1/2 months.  What are these reasons?

  1. Continued health benefits.  The benefits of breastfeeding continue after a child is 1.
  2. Comfort for her.  It's easy to comfort my daughter if she injures herself.  She comes over to me, climbs up on my lap, nurses, and calms down.
  3. Closeness.  I'm still her mum and am willing to breastfeed.  She still wants it.  My motto with Charis and breastfeeding is, "Don't offer.  Don't refuse."  If she asks for "milkies", I give it to her, maybe not right away, for example if I'm driving.
  4. Knowing that if she should get sick, I can nurse her. 
Have you nursed a toddler?  If so,
what are your reasons for continuing? 


  1. I am a new follower from the breastfeeding blog hop. My reasons are exactly the same as yours. You can check out my blog post at www.adventureswithcaptaindestructo.com if you want.

  2. I would have loved to be breastfeeding a toddler! Unfortunate, I didn't stick with it as long as I should as it's really the best for him. Maybe the next one!

  3. I love this post, If I could have and if my son had wanted to then I would have kept breastfeeding him. My mum breastfed me until I was around 3 :) Thanks for following me, I have followed back. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  4. I nursed my daughter until recently. :) She self-weaned right after her third birthday. My reasons were pretty much the same as yours. I just had to follow my heart and ignore society on that one!