Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Why I Participate in the #BFBlogHop

27 July 2012

Why I Participate in the #BFBlogHop

Late last fall, I discovered the weekly Breastfeeding Blog Hop and decided to start blogging about my experiences nursing my daughter.  I do this for a number of reasons:
  • As a new mum, when I heard my friends' breastfeeding success stories, tips, frustrations, medical issues, etc., I was comforted and wanted to help others realize they are not alone.
  • It helped me realize I was not alone when my daughter was breastfed past 12 months.
  • I have been educated about different terms, such as Reverse Cycling.
  • It has allowed me to "meet" different bloggers who enjoy blogging about breastfeeding.
I am sad to announce that the host Erin at The Slacker Mom and the cohosts Lori at The Gnome's Mom and Marah at Happiness Redefined have decided to step down from their roles, but excited to announce that Sisters 'N Cloth is taking over as hosting and have asked me to co-host.

Next week's topic is "World Breastfeeding Week."  If you have any topic ideas or suggestions, e-mail sistersncloth{at}gmail{dot}com.  Or e-mail me at mummytocharis{at}yahoo{dot}com, and I will pass on the suggestions.  

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  1. I will miss Erin, Lori and Marah too, but I am so excited about hosting and having you as co-host! ~Melissa