Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Bucket List {Summer #BlogChallenge}

08 August 2012

Bucket List {Summer #BlogChallenge}

I am 28 1/2 years.  My birthday is on January 8, 1984.  Today's prompt is Create a Bucket list with a minimum of 10 things.  So, I decided to come up with a 30 before 30.  If I calculated correctly, I have 518 days.
  1. Create a sourdough starter
  2. Sew a quilt
  3. Knit a sweater
  4. Run a 5K
  5. Bake sourdough bread
  6. Open an Etsy store
  7. Finish my BSN {Graduated May 18, 2013}
  8. Donate my hair
  9. Go camping with Drew and Charis
  10. Take Charis to the zoo
  11. Get a new DSLR camera
  12. Read One Thousand Gifts
  13. Write and mail 52 personal snail mail letters
  14. Go to Georgetown Cupcake and get a cupcake
  15. Make kefir
  16. Make a handmade gift for everyone in my family {husband, parents, siblings and spouses, in-laws, SIL and her husband, and nephew-12 gifts altogether}
  17. Visit Canada
  18. Go to the Holocaust Museum
  19. Take a spinning class
  20. Get a pedicure
  21. Go pick fruit and/or vegetables with Charis at a farm {Picked apples at Larriland October 14, 2013}
  22. Learn at least 50 new Spanish words
  23. Read the Harry Potter series
  24. Go to see a Nationals game
  25. Write a haiku
  26. Play hide and go seek
  27. Have a family photograph taken
  28. Read through the Bible
  29. Make homemade ice cream
  30. Buy and drink raw milk routinely.  So annoyed at Maryland that this can't happen currently.
What's on your bucket list?


  1. Congrats on your 30 before 30 list! I hope you'll be more successful at yours than I've been at my 50 before 50. :) Even if I don't complete everything on my list, I'll keep going until I do (it might become a 60 before 60 list in 2013...). If I can give you any tips on the SD starter, let me know! ~Lisa

  2. Bought raw milk today. Sad that some places don't allow it. I really like your list.

  3. #4 Run a 5k is easier than you think! Just sign up and train by walking/jogging for 20 minutes until you can do more. On race day all the participants and excitement will propel you to do your best! Good Luck & Have fun!

  4. Well, I just hit 40 and had my last baby this year. Perhaps I need to make a bucket list for age 45! :) I know that if I had made one at your age I probably wouldn't have gotten them all done. Life didn't go as planned but I did end up with 7 gorgeous kids.