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29 August 2012

Snappi {#clothaccessories}

While I was pregnant, I looked into cloth diapers, but was not wanting to use prefolds or flat diapers because I was afraid of using pins and poking a baby.  Then I discovered Snappi® Diaper Fastener made by Snappi Baby.

Snappis can be used on flat diapers, prefolds, contour diapers, and snapless fitteds.  There are no pins with Snappi®; it reliably holds diapers together.  Snappis come in two sizes:

Size 1: Baby
Single Pack - $3.95 each
Double Pack - $5.75 each
Triple Pack - $7.55 each

Size 2: Toddler.  This one gives an additional 4 inch stretch at the waist.
Single Pack - $4.55 each
Double Pack - $7.15 each

How to use Snappi®:
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My thoughts: I have been using Snappis on my daughter for 18+ months.  When I discovered Snappi®, I knew I was going to use prefolds because the idea of using pins scared me.  Snappi® easily grabs the cloth diaper, and I'm able to get a snug fitting diaper on my daughter.  I originally used Size 1 Snappis on Charis, but when she started getting chunkier, I used Size 2.  Now, that she's walking and has lost a lot of her baby weight, I'm back to using Size 1.  I definitely recommend trying out Snappis to any cloth diaper parent.

Snappis are the cloth diaper accessory that "pulls it all together."

I was sent a Snappi for the purpose of this review. 
All opinions are my own, and 
I was not compensated in any way.


  1. I have never tried snappi's but have been wanting to. I am planning on using prefolds with our next one and this would be a great addition. I love how they are so much safer than pins

  2. I have a snappi, but it doesn't work the receiving blankets I use as flats. I need to get some prefolds.

  3. I use prefolds but these would be great for a newborn

  4. I haven't ventured into prefolds yet but I always thought snappis were a genius invention!

  5. Love prefolds and definitely use snappis with them.

  6. I love my snappi because it makes using prefolds easy and I don't have to worry about poking my baby!

  7. I would love to win these for my daughter! We're doing prefolds in her newborn stage (she's due in November!)I can't wait. :)

  8. I love Snappis! I am a huge prefold fan because of their absobancy, but hated pins. Snappi makes diaper changing so quick and easy :-)

  9. Snappis are great - one of my favorite diaper combos is a Hemp Babies flat, a snappi, and a Flip cover!

  10. We love our snappis. I can't imagine using pins instead!

  11. We loved ours. These are super handy. Although, sometimes we did prefer pins but I always felt a bit nervous when I used them versus the snappis.