Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Best Breastfeeding Support on Facebook and Twitter {#BFBlogHop}

06 September 2012

Best Breastfeeding Support on Facebook and Twitter {#BFBlogHop}

When my daughter was born, I had no idea what to expect with breastfeeding.  I had no clue that it would be as hard as it was.  Yes, it's the way God designed our bodies, but that doesn't mean it's easy.  Why is my daughter up all night?  How do I know she's getting enough milk?  When should I start solids?  Etc.  I'm thankful to have a lot of friends who had babies shortly before or after me, so it is nice to have support, but there are also Facebook pages and Twitter users online that help answer some of these questions.

My two favorite breastfeeding support Facebook pages are:

  1. The Leaky Boob is a "breastfeeding support community sharing personal stories and experience along with educational information while providing a safe space for open discussion."
  2. KellyMom.com which is "a support area for breastfeeding and gentle, empathic parenting practices. The purpose of this page is to post resources relating to breastfeeding and parent
    ing, and to help bring supporters of breastfeeding and gentle parenting together to discuss these things.
My favorite person on Twitter is Katy Linda, IBCLC {@Stylin_Momma}.  She has helped me a few times, especially when I've had questions about how to pursue and become an IBCLC myself. 

What are your favorite breastfeeding support Facebook pages? 
Who do you follow on Twitter for breastfeeding support? 
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  1. These are great resources! I have to say that bf'ing was definitely easier the second time around. I hope you find that to be true for you too :)

  2. Love the Leaky Boob! I also love to follow her on Instagram.

  3. I got SO much support on Twitter. (including from the leaky Boob.) I have not visited Kellymom on facebook, but I look stuff up on the site.

  4. I also love The Leaky B@@b on Facebook! Katy is so awesome & I look forward to BfCafe every week.

  5. I love how many of us mentioned The Leaky Boob and #bfcafe - I think that really says something about what a valuable resource they are!