Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Bunting {Yarn Along}

05 September 2012

Bunting {Yarn Along}

I recently signed up for a Pinterest craft swap hosted by Marine Parents Blog.  One of the items I sent was party bunting; I knit it with scrap yarn that I had lying around.  My partner's favorite colors are orange, purple, and grey.

This was a very quick, easy project.  I was briefly confused about the eyelet row. As written, it said, “Eyelet row: k6 (yo, k2tog, k4) x4, k5”, but I think it should actually say: “K6 (yo, k2tog, k4) x4, k1”. The pattern writer included the last four knit stitches in the repeat into K5.

I have been reading James and the Giant Peach to Charis, which is actually one Roald Dahl book I have not read.  While I was reading chapter 2, I had to stop for a few minutes when Dahl was describing James' aunts...
And there they sat, these two ghastly hags, sipping their drinks, and every now and again screaming at James to chop faster and faster.
I checked A History of Modern Europe out of the library because I want to learn more about Switzerland, especially during the Reformation.  The country we're doing for Reformation Day this year is Switzerland. Last year we did England and the year before France.  Does anybody have any book suggestions to read so I can learn more about Switzerland?


  1. that bunting is totally great!
    i think i might give that a try with some of my scraps. :)

  2. How cute is this? What a great gift idea! Will definitely put this on my list to try!