Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Kanoko Pants {Yarn Along}

12 September 2012

Kanoko Pants {Yarn Along}

Winter's coming, and I decided to knit Charis another pair of longies.  I finally decided to knit the Kanoko pants.  I cast on 104 stitches, decided to do an eyelet for the waistband, increased a stitch every for stitches, and have added two short rows so far. I'm currently knitting the seed stitch part of the pattern, which I love the look, but it gets very monotonous after a few rows.

I'm still reading James and the Giant Peach to Charis.  I'm reading One Thousand Gifts, but I'm only in the second chapter.  I checked out 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet at the library because I'm hoping to make a gift for a friend.

I've seen patterns on Ravelry that mention positve ease, negative ease, and zero ease, but have no clue what that means.  Can any of you help me out?

What are you reading or knitting? 
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  1. 1000 Gifts was a great read! The pants are going to be adorable.

  2. those pants are super sweet. i am sure they will look great in that amazing purple!

  3. I really like those Kanoko pants, I am going to have to find a little one to knit them for! Your purple is just stunning.

  4. Lovely purple for those pants to keep the little one warm.
    Ease in knitting refers to how the finished fabric is used to fit the garment. Negative ease means you make the garment smaller than the required size and use the stretch in the finished fabric for a snug fit, positive ease will give you a gartment with a generous fit. Hope this helps.
    Enjoy the reading.

  5. Love the purple (was my favorite color when I was a girl...). Was inspired by 1000 Gifts, but never finished it as I just couldn't get over her writing style. You'll have to let us know what you think when you've read more.

    Happy knitting!