Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Trying to be Thankful Even in Suffering {Gratituesday}

11 September 2012

Trying to be Thankful Even in Suffering {Gratituesday}

As you may have known, even though I desired to stay home full time, I was working PRN at a local hospital because of financial reasons.  I would pray that God would work it out that where I would not have to work outside the home.  He answered my prayer, so that I'm now staying home with our daughter, but it was not in the way I would have wanted.

Back in May, my daughter got nursemaid's elbow, because I was holding her hand when she suddenly pulled away.  Within a week, my right lower back was painful-to the point I was in tears.  When Charis would nap, I would lie on the ground with a heating pad underneath it.  When the heating pad was on, it wouldn't hurt, but as soon as I took the heating pad away, it started becoming painful again.

Two weeks of these went by, and I was sobbing one night.  Drew said, "This is not like you.  You need to see a doctor."  The next morning, I saw a doctor, but she didn't do too much-other than prescribe drugs and tell me to use heat which is what I have been doing.  So, I left kind of frustrated.

In June, I received a call from my manager, who noticed I had not scheduled myself to work that schedule.  I told her, "I injured my back and don't want to come to work and injure it further."  She was understanding and when the conversation ended, we agreed that we'd wait a month and come July, we would be in contact again to see if I would still be able to work.  If I would not be able to work, I'd turn in my resignation, instead of her letting me go.

July 9, 2012.  I spoke with B., and told her my back is slowly getting better, but still has flareups a few times during the week, and I do not yet feel comfortable working for 12+ hours lifting heavy patients, so I told her I'd resign.  I e-mailed her my official resignation and turned in my work badge and key.

The last few days, my back has been hurting more, and I'm trying to rejoice even amidst pain.

  1. I'm thankful heat helps relieve the pain.
  2. I'm thankful it's not a constant pain.
  3. I'm thankful I'm able to stay home full time.
  4. I'm thankful I have an apartment that needs to be cleaned, instead of having no home.  {Unfortunately, when my back is painful like it has been the last few days, it means some of the times I could be cleaning, I'm lying on the ground trying to get relief.}
  5. I'm thankful for an understanding husband.
  6. I'm thankful God is the Great Physician, and am praying I get longer, more lasting relief.
  7. I'm praying that I'll be thankful regardless.
What are you thankful for today?
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  1. My apologies for taking so long to join you in praising God for your being able to be home! Despite the circumstances, I know you rest in the Lord's Sovereignty over both the big and little things, jobs and back pain, and even money or lack there of. What a joy it must be for you to be staying home with your sweet baby; I had to work until my oldest was almost four years old, so I know just how it feels to want to be home! It's been 20 years (hard to believe, but, yes, 20 years) since I worked outside the home. Count it all joy!