Wife, Mummy, Nurse: What is My Favorite Thing about Autumn? {Autumn Blog Challenge}

02 September 2012

What is My Favorite Thing about Autumn? {Autumn Blog Challenge}

Where do I start??  My two favorite seasons are spring and fall.  I love...
  • Cooler weather, but weather I can still go outside and run around and play in.   
  • Increase in my knitting.  
  • Drinking hot beverages-tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.  
  • Wearing sweaters.  
  • Being one season closer to my birthday.
  • Getting closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
This autumn, I love the fact Drew is finished with his summer work hours.  Drew has two part time jobs-working at K. {as a contracted position} and working as a tutor. During the summer, his tutoring hours were from 11AM-7:30PM Monday through Thursday, but he'd have to try to squeeze in working at his K. job in the mornings.  He'd only be at his morning part time job for 1-2 hours, go to his tutoring job, and then TRY to squeeze in dissertation work at night.  During the school year Drew works, Monday through Thursday from 3PM-9PM, which leaves more time for his morning job.  He only goes in for his morning job 2-3 times/week leaving more blocks of hours to work on his PhD and often has Friday off completely.  His hours for Saturday remain the same from 9AM-5:30PM.

What do you love about autumn?


  1. Oh, yeah, drinking my tea hot is definitely one of my favorites. I love it iced in the summer, but I love it hot in the cooler temps.

  2. I'm definitely a sweater person, but NOT the tacky holiday sweaters!!

  3. Love getting back into the hot teas and hot chocolates =]

  4. The kids love hot chocolate when the weather gets cooler. So do I!

  5. The colors, the apples, the pumpkins. Sweater and knitting weather. That fresh, crisp smell in the air. My parents' wood stove burning again in the evenings. Wearing jeans and boots.

    I can see how your husband's modified hours would be a huge, welcome change!

  6. I love drinking tea to warm up in the mornings. It is great to be able to go outside at anytime since it isn't crazy hot out.

  7. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year!!!

  8. Your husband sounds like a busy guy. Just like mine. I'm home with my youngest all day and half day with my oldest because school. Until 8 or 9 pm their dads are home.

    I like all seasons but dislike winter because it's so cold. Summer is okay because we love the beach and pools. But horrible to be indoor when it's summer. I would say spring and fall are the best seasons because it's not too hot Or cold.