Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Where Were You on August 15, 1998 {Autumn Blog Challenge}

07 September 2012

Where Were You on August 15, 1998 {Autumn Blog Challenge}

The summer of 1998, my parents, sibling, and I spent 3 months in Northern Ireland.  My mum was born and raised over there and moved to the States after marrying my father. We spent the summer visiting Granny and Grandad, seeing relatives, and meeting new friends.  That was the first summer I tried Indian food {remember India was once a colony of Great Britain}.  I also discovered I actually like eggs {blame my grandparents; they had 2000 chickens}.  I discovered you don't have to get jet lag when traveling {drink lots of water}.

One date I remember is August 15, 1998.  We were watching the BBC version of Sense and Sensibility and heard the constant sirens going past our house shortly after 3:00PM.  My dad was out shopping and arrived home around 4:00PM.  When he got back, he turned off the movie we were watching and turned on the news.  He told us a bomb had gone off in Omagh.  We were between Londonderry and Omagh; the A5 went directly by our house, where the emergency vehicles drove.  At least 29 people died as a result of the bomb.

My parents went to Altnagelvin hospital because the news reported that the hospitals were calling for people to come and donate blood.  They ended up not donating because they were told there would be more of a need 2-3 weeks down the road, instead of that day.

What were you doing the summer of 1998?

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