Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Photo of Charis and I {#BFBlogHop}

25 October 2012

Photo of Charis and I {#BFBlogHop}

Breastfeeding pictures.  Did you take them or not?  I did not and have no regrets about it.  I love my daughter, and I breastfed her because breast milk is best for babies, cheap okay free, and easy.  But, I also don't need breastfeeding photographs to show of my love for her.  This week, I'll be linking up a few photographs of just the two of us.

March 2011: Charis ready for bed after getting a bath.
October 2011: Sleepy Charis. We were in PA to surprise
my mum for her birthday, and I woke her up, hence the
groggy look she has.
January 2012: Still breastfeeding
August 2012: After she was weaned and enjoying a
hot, humid Maryland summer day.
Did you have photographs taken while breastfeeding your children?

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  1. Love these sweet pictures! I have several pictures of my girls breastfeeding, and I cherish them. It's not something that I share often, even with my husband, but it's a sweet reminder of the times when they were still and cuddled close. ~Jeniffer

  2. She's looking so grown up.

    I only have one photo which is not revealing and only I actually really know she is nursing. I did it during Breastfeeding awareness week.

  3. I took a few, but I think my sweetie ended up deleting them. They were a bit obvious...and we usually instinctively reach for the iPhone to take a photo, which means it automatically ends up on Photostream and the TV's screen saver, so we have to be a little discreet.