Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Christmas Knitting and a Dilemma {Yarn Along}

14 November 2012

Christmas Knitting and a Dilemma {Yarn Along}

Yesterday, one my my friends reminded me that Christmas is 6 weeks away; thanks for the reminder Lisa.

I still need to seven gifts, some of them I'm halfway there, but others I haven't even started.  The last gift I started is going to be for one of the men in my life, but I'm not going to say which one.  They might be reading this blog.  It's going VERY quickly. What is shown, I spent less than 10 minutes on, but that's what happens when a project calls for bulky yarn.  The downside is, the yarn I picked has 75% acrylic/25% wool.  Why did I pick it?  Some people don't like handwashing, and I'm afraid that will be the case with the recipient, so I'll suffer as I knit it.

I need help on deciding on a yarn color.  A friend of mine is pregnant, and our church is having a baby shower for her December 8th.  She's planning on using cloth diapers, loves knitting and wool, so I figured, I would knit her baby some newborn wool longies. But, she doesn't know the sex of her baby, so I want to pick a gender neutral color. I'd be perfectly fine putting both of these colors below on a girl and probably a boy, but for those who have boys would you prefer one over the other.

I checked out The Silver Chair CDs from the library yesterday, which I'll be listening to today.  On Wednesdays, I'm usually in the car over two hours.  I drive down to VA, which takes about 50 minutes, and then drive to prayer meeting in MD, which takes about 1 hour 10 minutes.  I get tired of listening to WTOP.

What are you knitting or reading?  
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  1. I hate the feel of knitting with acrylic yarn. Every time I start a project with it I regret it.

    I think either color is fine for a boy. Sorry if that doesn't help any. I guess if I had to pick I'd choose the green.

  2. Longjohns for a baby, wow thinking about how often baby's need changed particularly if she's using cloth diapers I would want something easier to get in and out of. How bout one of those old style kimono's with a draw string bottom...warm, and easy to change. Since she's using cloth she might really like the older style baby wear as well. I like the green, not much a beige person.

  3. personally i love the greenish blue. but i am a fan of bright colors!

  4. I have two boys and I wouldn't mind either color. I think those are good color choices and you can use both no matter what baby ends up being.

  5. I have so many projects on the burner. However, what are you making for gentleman gifts? I often struggle with something homemade for the boys/men in our family.

    1. I have the same problem, especially with my husband. Drew doesn't wear scarves, hats, gloves, or sweaters. So, what's a knitter to knit him? I'm boring and am knitting scarves or neckwarmers for the men. Boring, but something I know they'd use.

  6. I like either color for a boy; maybe you could do stripes? :) Sorry for the reminder! Time just seems to be flying by -- two more Sundays 'til Advent begins. We usually try to have all our shopping done by the first Sunday of Advent, but I just don't see it happening this year. Thank God for Amazon. :) As far as gift ideas for guys, what about socks? Just a thought...

    Blessings, ~Lisa

  7. Wish I could knit better. I started, but oh my.... I'm soooo slow. Anyways, love both colors for a boy.

  8. Both colors are great for a boy so maybe look at the way the mom-to-be decorates or dresses? Does she favor bolder or more muted colors. They are both very nice. I hate synthetic yarn too but when I am giving a gift I either use cotton yarn or a washable wool for the same reason.

  9. Do you know...there is a heck of a lot of snobbery about acrylic. I'm allergic to wool, couldn't afford to knit with it anyway so I knit acrylic. It is washable, so don't have to worry about it when whatever i've knitted gets to it's recipient.