Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Thanksgiving {Gratituesday}

13 November 2012

Thanksgiving {Gratituesday}

Another week has passed where God has been good.  I don't deserve his riches, but I'm thankful for what He has done, even in the little everyday things.

November 6: I am actually thankful for the election pamphlets that we were given, not because they made me more educated, but because they were a very good distraction to my daughter while waiting in line to vote. Now, these will go in the recycle bin.

The literature that was recycled.
Charis kept saying, "4. 6. 5. F. E. M. S."
She's recognizing a lot of numbers and letters.

LOVE this picture of Drew and Charis
as we left our polling place.

Sitting on leaves, enjoying the sunshine.

I hope to make copies of this picture
and send it to Grandad
in Northern Ireland.

November 7: I am thankful that I have been getting more work accomplished on my daughter's longies.

November 8: I'm thankful for the walk my daughter and I were able to take today to the library, park, and post office.

Not the clearest picture, but
I love the joy and enthusiasm
written on Charis's face.
If my granny was still alive, I'd be hearing that my
daughter NEEDS to keep her hair out
of her face.

Those are longies I made for her last winter.
November 9: Thankful to finally pull out the stove and be able to clean the floor underneath it. Let's just say that was gross.

November 10: I thought I posted one for yesterday, but it didn't post. I was thankful Drew ate the spaghetti squash I made and liked it.

November 11: Thankful my daughter and I were able to make banana bread tonight.

November 12: Thankful that my husband is home safe and that God has provided him with his job.

What are you thankful for?
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  1. Yay, it made my day to see some more recent Charis pictures :) Get a new camera?

    1. Not yet. Using Drew's camera which he NEVER uses.

  2. Your little girl is so adorable :)