Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Another Pair of Kanoko Pants {Yarn Along}

12 December 2012

Another Pair of Kanoko Pants {Yarn Along}

On Saturday, we had a baby shower at church for another church member.  Her due date is late February/early March.  She's planning on cloth diapering; so, I thought that I would knit her some newborn longies.  I planned on having them finished on Saturday, but I did not plan on being sick.  As a result, I started knitting them on Friday.  Oh well.

Many people say the Kanoko pants are not roomy for cloth diapers, which I took into account by adding short rows and increasing the seed stitch rows in the pants.  I also added a gusset.  As you can see in the picture, I could not find my stitch markers and made do with a SoftBums key chain.  I completed the kitchener stitch this AM and will pick up 4 stitches on each leg.

Please go vote for my Inappropriate Elf {#87}-voting can be done daily.  My original blog post can be found here.  To the Anonymous commenter: First, Charis did not see.  She was sleeping.  It's after she woke up that I told her the Elf was "naughty".  I meant to just unravel it, but it was so matted and felted together that there was no hope in saving the yarn for another project.  Second, this was meant to be funny; my husband was cracking up when he saw the photographs. I could have easily done a very crude Elf, but I don't think those are funny.  For those who are wondering, I did not spend hours knitting this "blanket".  At Thanksgiving, my MIL gave me a bag of yarn which contained part of a sweater, and she knew my plans of unraveling the sweater and was fine with my grand scheme.

What are you reading or knitting?
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  1. Those colors are wonderful! I love that pattern, and can't wait for a chance to make them!

  2. They turned out really cute and I love your improvised marker (I used my engagement ring once when I was desperate). And your elf is imaginative.

  3. love the panda.. the colors of the yarn is beautiful