Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Blessings {Food}

20 December 2012

Blessings {Food}

Lately, I have been getting jealous of others, especially when it's hearing the good news that a friend is expecting or when a friend tells me her husband has another job in order to better provide for their family.  Don't get me wrong-I'm happy for my friends, but also hurt because I long for another child and hurt because Drew tells me-not now due to finances.  I so easily forget the blessings that God has given me.  One such blessing hit home tonight.  Food.

I have never gone hungry because of lack of food.  Tonight, I went to Shoppers, a nearby grocery store.  A store I rarely go to, less than 10 times the last year, but went because I knew they carry Alpen, a muesli that is made in England.  I'm putting it in my dad's stocking on Christmas Eve.

After I put Charis in the shopping cart, I was approached by a woman telling me she had lost her job and would I buy a stuffed animal so that she could buy a meal for her family.  I told her, "I don't have any cash one me."  She said, "I'll take food."  I told her I would and asked her if she needed anything special; she said, "Any food will do.  My children are hungry.  They'll eat anything."

As I walked into the store, I fought back tears.  I have not had to suffer lack of food. God has provided for Drew and I at exactly the right moment every single time.  I had no idea what to buy-so I got bananas, apples, rice, beans, chicken, and a few other things for her.  While I looked around, I was regretting not asking her if she had a stove to cook or not.  I paid for the groceries and gave the woman my shopping cart after taking Charis and our bag out.  I invited her to church, and she gave me a stuffed animal.

I got in the car weeping.  Every time I'm jealous, I'm coveting, and that sin put Christ on the cross to rescue me.  I also realized how thankful I am for the deacons at my church; they are servants and have shown mercy {Acts 6:1-7, 1 Timothy 3}.  I am thankful for Christ, not only is He my Savior, but He has shown me grace and mercy in providing for us.  When I got home, I gave Charis a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and continued to weep as I thanked God for the food.

An hour later, I found myself coveting again.  How quickly I forget, but I have a Savior who came to earth, lived as a perfect man amid imperfect people, died in my place and in the place of all Christians, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven.  I am seen as righteous in God's site, even though I don't deserve it.  My prayer is that God will continue to provide for use, provide for the woman and her family, and help me draw near to Him, instead of my idols.


  1. Thank you, Sarah.

  2. Ah, idols, we all have many. This is a heartwarming, honest post Sarah. Thank you for sharing. :) I really think that when we, as the church, truly act like the church, that we have the most impact in sharing the love of Christ with this lost, dying, and yes, hungry world. Merry Christmas,


  3. Wow, what a beautiful story. Good for you for helping her! My husband is a student right now so I've often wished for the day when he has a good job and we have a steady income - instead of the ups and downs of life on a student loan. Yet every time money has been tight for us, God has provided, just as you say. :) Thanks for the reminder to be thankful. (I'm dropping by from Fellowship Fridays.)

  4. Oh my, what wonderful perspective, Sarah. I totally understand the jealousy thing, and I have, in the past, gotten quite bitter about others having babies. I think God is teaching me patience and contentment though, and He's slowly changing my heart.

    Thanks for linking up to Desire to Inspire!