Wife, Mummy, Nurse: {Brief} Recent Thoughts

16 December 2012

{Brief} Recent Thoughts

On Friday, I was contentedly teaching a friend how to knit, unaware of what was going on in Connecticut.  At 4:00 PM, I drove home while listening to The Brethren and remained uninformed about the days events.  I arrived home and put my baby in bed, turned on my computer, logged onto the internet, saw the news, and started weeping. I was crying for the parents who sent their children off to school-not knowing that morning was the last day they would see their children alive.  I started praying-praying for the loved ones, family, friends, and community in Newtown, Connecticut. Suddenly, my cares seemed minuscule to what many others were feeling.  

It made me realize more that we live in a sinful world.  Everyone is sinful-myself included.  We need to be ready because at any time God may call us from this world. God calls us to repent of our sins.  Unless we repent, we too will ultimately perish. We need to be fleeing to Christ because He is Savior and heals the broken hearted.  

It made me realize that Drew and I need to be diligent about continuing family worship and teaching Charis about the birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ.  We need to preach Christ daily to each other and read His word.  

Have you repented of your sins and believe that Jesus Christ is LORD?  If not, run to God while there is still time.  I cried at least two more times on Saturday and while doing so, I prayed for the parents of the 20 children and the families of the 7 adults-that God will give them the peace that only He can give.


  1. Dittos, Sarah.

    One thing that bothered me in the news stories was some priest or some such saying that this was not God's Plan. Scripture teaches us that EVERYTHING is part of God's Plan...the good, the bad, the ugly and it all has a purpose. If there is anything thing that could happen outside God's Plan, it means He is not God and not Sovereign. I've been praying that His Grace and Mercy would be made known through this tragedy; that people would see Him for comfort in their pain.


  2. Trying to explain this tragedy to my 14 and 12 year olds was like trying to convince myself... how difficult something like this is to understand apart from God's Sovereignty. And yet, we rest and trust and know that outside of our human, fallen abilities to fully comprehend, this, too, is a part of His plan. Such a hard providence.

    Yes, Sarah, be diligent, pray, teach, and love that precious little one. :)