Wife, Mummy, Nurse: CJ's Unique Boutique {#GreenChristmas}

07 December 2012

CJ's Unique Boutique {#GreenChristmas}

Winter is coming and for me that means very dry skin, especially when I've worked in hospitals and have to wash my hands many times during the day.  I would have a horrible time finding a product that would nourish my hands and sooth them.  So, I was so excited to discover CJ's BUTTer®.  Not only can it be used for those with dry skin hands, but it's cloth diaper safe.

CJ's Unique Boutique has a wide range of natural family skincare products, including CJ's BUTTer® Stick, CJ's BUTTer® Original, CJ's BUTTer® Plus, plus many more options.  I was thrilled when CJ's Unique Boutique agreed to sponsor me for the Green Christmas Giveaway Hop.

Facts about CJ's BUTTer® Original

  • The only ingredients are shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, cocoa butter, Vitamin E (derived from soy) and gluten-free colloidal oatmeal.  If you choose to get yours scented, then fragrance or essential oils are added.
  • It's cloth diaper safe.
A few things I enjoyed:
  • How well it moisturized my hands.  I am a RN, so when I work 12 hours days, I am CONSTANTLY washing my hands.  So much, that they are often dry and chapped when leaving work.  CJ's  BUTTer® helped significantly.
  • The scents.  Out of the scents I was sent, my favorite was Pink Sugar, with Nomad being a close second.  Viva La Juicy was a little bit strong for my taste.

Have you tried CJ's BUTTer®?  What scents would you love to try?

I was sent four samples of CJ's BUTTer®-
in scents Tuscan Herb, Pink Sugar, Viva La Juicy, and Nomad-
for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any way.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this! I'm a nurse as well and my hands are horribly cracked and dry.... this stuff looks fantastic. I'd also love to use it on my little one's bum. :) Love that it has natural ingredients too!

  2. I love this stuff. We use unscented.

  3. I love that if my kids get a hold of it and decide to eat it I don't have to worry. Love natural products for that:)

    - Rachel N

  4. I love that it is cloth diaper safe, and I love that I know what all the ingredients are that I am putting on my baby :)

  5. I'll have to try this for my husband. His hands get super dried out! I also love that it is cd friendly

  6. We love this stuff. I like to get the sampler packs so I get to try out all the scents.

  7. I love natural products! The latest CJ's holiday scent Tis the Season sounds great. Anne Sweden

  8. Nice! I use lanolin straight on my dry, cracked skin but it is hard to spread and stays very, very sticky. It seems like this would be very effective but feel nicer on the skin.

  9. I've heard amazing things about this product; I really need to give it a try. Now that winter is rolling in, I'm finding that my hands are getting crazy dry--especially since I have to wash bottles by hand almost every day (DD decided that BF just isn't for her--sad face). I'll have to give this a try!

  10. I have never really heard about this product before! Sounds like something that might help with my dry hands during the winter months. I wash my hands a lot and they're especially bad this time of year. Thanks for your review!

  11. I haven't tried CJ's. I would probably start with unscented, but then I wouldn't mind trying All Natural Mango, Sugar & Mint