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11 December 2012

Health {Gratituesday}


Last Tuesday morning, Drew started getting sick, and he threw up.  Then Tuesday night, I started getting an upset stomach.  On Wednesday morning, my stomach was not nauseous, but I was so tired and slept until 12 PM.  Drew watched Charis.  I felt horrible; since I slept in, Drew was not able to work on his dissertation like he usually does in the morning.  Then around 3 PM, I thought I was going to be sick.  Charis would try to climb on me, and I kept pushing her away, which I HATED and felt bad. We sat in front of the TV watching Peter Rabbit and Anne of Green Gables.

Drew came home, and I headed straight to bed, but didn't sleep well.  By 2 AM, the stronger feelings of nausea passed!!  But, felt like a truck hit me.  My body was horribly achy.  I could not sleep, so I logged on Facebook, but logged off and kept thinking of Psalm 34...
At all times I will bless the LORD, In praise my mouth employ... Taken from The Book of Psalms for Singing
But must confess to thinking, "How can I bless God when I feel so sick?"  Then my mind went to how weak I am in my faith.  Christ came to earth and SUFFERED so that I could be saved, and yet, I'm having a hard time blessing Him.

By Thursday night, I was feeling SO much better, that I ate half a pancake.  On Friday morning, I was able to eat and do laundry, but I easily got lightheaded and dizzy since I had not eaten for the last 2+ days.

Other good things that happened:
Charis did not get sick!!
Drew and I were able to go to his Christmas work party on Friday.
On Friday, Charis spent the night at a friends' house from church.
On Saturday, Charis and I were able to go to a friend's baby shower.
I found a punch recipe that I actually like {Recipe will come later in January}.
We were able to worship the King of Kings on Sabbath. 

What are you thankful for this week?
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  1. My hubby was also sick last week (over the weekend) and thankfully no one else in the house was hit with whatever he had. Glad you are all doing better and praise God that your sweet girl didn't get it. :)