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09 December 2012

Late for the #BFBlogHop

I missed the #BFBlogHop at Sisters 'N Cloth last week due to the flu.  Trust me, I would have preferred to do almost anything else, but instead I was miserable. Thursday's topic was the Gifts of Breastfeeding, so I thought I would highlight what the bloggers wrote.

Jeniffer at Sisters 'N Cloth speaks of the gifts of bonding with your baby, transfer ability of breast milk, and the privilege she has sharing her breast milk because of over supply.
And finally, one of my favorite things about breastfeeding is that there are times when a woman can make more than enough for her baby and give some to another baby who needs it.  Right now, I'm blessed to be one of those women.  While I've had oversupply issues, sometimes it can be a good thing.  And when I'm able to give some of my milk to a sweet baby boy who would otherwise be eating formula all the time and then hear that he gobbled it up, it makes me thankful that I can share my milk.
Kitties and Kiddos writes about the silence she enjoys while breastfeding, the fewer dishes, and the moments of bonding with her son.

Nataline at The Nurse Practitioner Mom write 10 gifts she has received because of breastfeeding.  My favorite is:
It may have saved my daughter’s life when she got pertussis at 3 weeks old because of the antibodies that are passed through breast milk from mother to baby.  And reduced countless other illnesses as well.

What are some additional gifts?
Join us on Thursday and Friday.  
We will be discussing Gifts to Give a Breastfeeding Mom. 

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