Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Thankful For... {Gratituesday}

29 January 2013

Thankful For... {Gratituesday}

Charis' health.
I was more aware of her health yesterday.  Charis woke up with a low grade temp and was cuddly all day.  I loved the cuddles, but also look forward to her getting better.  We sang Psalm 103 during family worship because of the line, "Who forgives all thy transgressions, thy diseases all who heals..."

My husband's dissertation work.
Yes, I often wish he was finished, but I'm thankful he's been working on it and pray for the presentation he is giving Wednesday, February 6.

Fresh baked bread.
Tastes WONDERFUL with butter and honey.

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  1. Definitely lots to be grateful for and I wish your hubby well on his big presentation on Wednesday. Tell Miss Charis to feel better soon.