Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Breastfeeding and Working Outside the Home {#BFBlogHop}

28 February 2013

Breastfeeding and Working Outside the Home {#BFBlogHop}

I mentioned last week that I was the one who worked full time while I was pregnant. When Drew and I decided I would no longer work full time after Charis was born, we decided that I would stay on PRN just in case he still had not found a job, then it would be easier to transition back to full time at the hospital.  This was a very trying time.  I wanted to be at home with my baby, and we were uncertain about how things would work out.  I wanted Charis to continue getting breast milk, even when I was working.

If you too are a working or will be working, here are a few tips:

Be committed.  I did not do this 100%.  Yes, I bought a breast pump, but I hated pumping.  It was much easier breastfeeding Charis and then forgetting about pumping milk.  I only had ten 4 oz. bags of breast milk in the freezer when I returned to work. Thankfully, I only worked two days in a 28 day period, so that was not a major concern for me.

Make sure you get off on a good start breastfeeding.  Breastfeed on demand.  Take as much maternity leave as you can.  See a lactation consultant if you're having a hard time.  I was only home full time 6 weeks after Charis was born.

Immediately before leaving for work, breastfeed your baby.  Your baby is the best breast pump there is.  Try to pump during the day when your baby would usually nurse.  Breastfeed as soon as you can after getting home.  The last suggestion was hard for me to do.  Being a nurse in CCU, I was around patients who had MRSA, VRE, C-Diff, so I would take a shower immediately, then breastfeed.

Be flexible.  Yes, breastfed babies are healthier, breast milk  helps protect your baby against allergies, breastfeeding saves money, but it does not have to be all or nothing, if need be give formula.  It was hard doing that, but save the formula as a last resort and continue to pump and breastfeed as much as you can.

Did you work while breastfeeding?  What tips can you give?
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  1. Love the last one! I can't imagine being away from my girls all day. I definitely admire your commitment! ~Jeniffer