Wife, Mummy, Nurse: My "Knitter" {Yarn Along}

06 February 2013

My "Knitter" {Yarn Along}

Yesterday, I was trying to knit my ribbed lace bolero.  I didn't finish it, but my family is more important than my knitting.  I have two more inches to knit.  My daughter saw me knitting, came over, sat in my lap, and said, "I knit."  So, I decided to let her "knit"; I found the cheapest ball of yarn I could find-100% acrylic; I believe it's Vanna's Choice.  I gave her 10 1/2 needles and let her "knit".  She LOVED it and kept saying, "I knit" with a look of concentration on her face.  She's just like her daddy; she was trying to figure out why this works.

The bolero I am still knitting.

The winner of last week's Crochet So Fine giveaway is Karin Ishibashi.  I put all the names in a bowl and this is who my daughter drew-remember, she can't read.  I had planned on taking photographs the whole time, but after the first picture of the bowl, the camera said that the battery needed to be recharged.

Do your children enjoy knitting?


  1. Aww, lovely!
    My son learnt to do the basic knit stitch but never went further with it.

  2. That is simply precious, Sarah! Adorable!


    Lisa :)

  3. I want so badly to teach my almost five year old to knit. She has a knitting doll and we've even done a little simple cross-stitch. And she is definitely interested. What a wonderful thing to pass on to our little ones.
    I love the bolero, too! Great job.

  4. she is so cute sarah.. she is getting so big her hair.. awww love it.

  5. It's so wonderful that you didn't discourage her, but instead offered to let her give it a shot. What a lucky kiddo!

  6. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  7. So much cuteness! Now I'm inspired to give my younger kids some yarn and a crochet hook and see what they do. :) My 14 yr. old is teaching herself how to crochet. I tried to teach her but she didn't understand my explanation so she pulled out one of my books and went for it.