Wife, Mummy, Nurse: My Sister's Second Anniversary

05 February 2013

My Sister's Second Anniversary

Two years ago, I received a new brother. My baby sister, Saundy, married Seth. They are perfect for each other.  I was the matron of honor and gave this speech at their reception:
We have gathered together to celebrated the marriage of Saundy and Seth.
When Saundy was born, Robbie and I would fight over who would hold her.  There were a few times Robbie "won"-much to my displeasure. We liked to swing Saundy, tickle her, and poke and prod her. Surprisingly, she still talks to us and loves us.
Even though Saundy and I are almost four years apart, we've had a lot of good times-playing basketball, singing, acting, swimming, going to Northern Ireland, etc.
When Saundy was in high school and early college she said, "I want a man who sings like Frank Sinatra, dances like Fred Astaire, and plays the piano like Ray Charles.*"  I don't know if Seth does any or all of them, but what's important is that Saundy and Seth both love God and seek to serve Him.
We pray that God blesses your marriage as you become closer together and closer to Him and that the LORD will build your marriage and give you many years together.
I love you Saundy and Seth. 

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