Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Thankful that the End is in Sight {Gratituesday}

12 February 2013

Thankful that the End is in Sight {Gratituesday}

The end is in sight for the completion of my BSN!  I started an online RN-BSN program Fall 2007 and was only taking 1-2 classes per semester, but when my daughter was born, I dropped out.  My husband and I decided that I should go back and finish my last class this semester.   I am taking "Nursing Case Management in Today's Healthcare Environment".  It's not my favorite class since it's so dry and boring, but I just completed week 2 and have 13 more weeks to go!!  Graduation will be the same weekend my brother graduates from seminary in Pittsburgh.  Thankfully his graduation will be on Friday night, and mine will be on Saturday.  Drew, Charis, and I are planning on taking a road trip to Pennsylvania that weekend.

Did you get your Bachelor's Degree?
Was it before you had children or after?


  1. Yay ! I didn't know you hadn't finished your bachelor's already.

  2. Completion of your BSN and a brother graduating from seminiar? Two great blessings for your family! Congrats!

  3. Congrats!! Jealous that you'll be near Pgh. Haven't been there in years...