Wife, Mummy, Nurse: The Little Thief {AKA Charis}

02 February 2013

The Little Thief {AKA Charis}

A confession.  Before becoming a mother, I told myself, "I will NEVER let any of my children color in coloring books.  They will color on plain paper."  I wanted them to use their imagination.  But, I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and noticed they had Hello Kitty and My Little Pony coloring books.  I was oohing and ahhing at them.  Yes, I'm supposed to be the adult.  Charis was too busy sucking her thumb to notice.  I went ahead and bought them for myself.  That didn't last long.  This morning I was coloring and a little thief comes along and decided to color in the coloring book herself.

The thief coloring.

The end result.

The thief sucking her thumb.
FYI: I did not mind her taking the book, and I love my little thumb sucker.
Have you done anything as a parent you thought you'd never do?


  1. Yes.... Let them go! ;)

    Coloring books can be great for helping to to gain fine motor control by learning to stay in the lines. There is a place for plain paper and for paper with shapes to color. You did a lovely job staying in the lines Sarah! ;) Also, coloring books are a great activity to do together and for Charis to learn by watching you.... the little thieves steal our habits too!


  2. I have wanted my children to color in coloring books more! They aren't too interested in it. But I think it would be a great help in the area of fine motor skills, something they are both really lacking... as well as just following directions occasionally (staying in the lines).

  3. Plus it would be so nice to see them sit in one spot long enough to color something!

  4. Such a sweet little thief. :)

  5. I always said I would never let my child sleep in my bed. That lasted about 3 hours into our first night at home. Now that they are older I've often said the same thing but then I will wake up and find them snuggled in next to me and I find I don't care - they are so sweet and peaceful sleeping there and it really does not bother me. Now I feel bad for ever giving my sister grief for letting her son sleep with them.

    I love that she instantly knew what to do with those color books. And I adore my little thumb sucker, too.