Wife, Mummy, Nurse: April 2013

24 April 2013

My First Sweater Completed {Yarn Along}

I finished my first knit sweater for my cousin's baby. I sent the package-the sweater and skirtie-to Saundy {my sister} who will be taking it over to Scotland and giving it to Helen and Mike. I was too cheap and did not want to pay for international shipping, so I'm praying it gets to it's final destination.

I am listening to The Confession by John Grisham. Grisham is on an anti death penalty soapbox, but I still enjoy this book. I am not even halfway finished with it. I know this is fictional, but John Grisham is correct about the fact that police can lie during an interrogation, and this fact bothers me. I also know that if I am questioned by police re. a crime, I will get a lawyer, even if I'm innocent. This is my right-to have a lawyer. Too often people think police are always good, but they forget, they are sinful like every other human. I also realize that police and too many people in this country do not act like people are innocent until proven guilty; people automatically assume, "The police wouldn't wrongly accuse someone of a crime; they must be right." Dana's reaction about Travis Boyette at the beginning is sadly true about what happens in many churches with those who have major sins.

What are you knitting or reading this week?
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23 April 2013

Tuesday: A Day in My Life {Toddle Along Tuesday}

Charis on a seahorse.
7:00 AM: Charis usually wakes up, but today, she didn't wake up until 8:00 AM. An extra hour felt GLORIOUS!! The first word out of her mouth was, "Mummy."  The second, "Food?" We had oatmeal, milk, and bananas for breakfast. I had coffee with half and half.

9:30 AM: We had family worship. We sang Psalm 34 and 30. Drew read Proverbs 4. We all prayed. I love hearing Charis pray.

11:00 AM: We went on a 3+ mile walk at the park. Afterwards, I let Charis play at the playground.

12:30 PM: We came home, ate lunch, and Charis and I napped. She took a 3 1/2 hour. I took an hour nap. I'm blessed with a daughter who still {often} takes naps.

4:30 PM: Charis woke up. We went out to the playground behind our apartment where she played on the slide and swings.

6:15 PM: Charis announced, "I stink." We go inside, and I changed Charis' diaper. She ate dinner. Teeth brushed. Read, sang, and prayed before she went to bed.

This is a very rough sketch of my day. I changed Charis' diaper more than once. Cleaned. Did dishes. Cuddled with my daughter. Cooked dinner. Did laundry. Read. Listened to The Confession.

How does your day look like?
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22 April 2013

Banana Pancakes

Bananas are one of my favorite fast foods. They are also popular with my daughter. But, there are some weeks that we don't eat through them as quickly as other weeks, and they become very brown. Usually, they are then used to make banana bread, but our oven is not working right now and needs to be repaired. What do I do? Enter banana pancakes. I made them on Friday and Saturday mornings last week. The pancakes only have three ingredients and are gluten free.

Peel a banana.

Mash the banana.

Crack 2 eggs in bowl and mix together.

Add 2 Tbsp. Almond meal.
{Not necessary, but it needs to be used up.
I got mine from Trader Joe's because I made a meal for a family from church,
 and they needed GF food.}

Melt butter in saucepan and scoop about 1/4 cup into the pan.  
Cook until both sides are golden brown.
They are a crepe like consistency.

This is one of my new favorite foods, and they're SO easy to make. Serve by themselves or add maple syrup to them. Unfortunately, Drew does not like these because he thinks, "The bananas make too much of themselves."

What's your favorite pancake recipe?  

18 April 2013

When are You Stopping? {#BFBlogHop}

When I was still breastfeeding Charis past a year, people often asked, "When are you stopping?" Yes, it was sometimes discouraging, but I reminded myself that 1.)I was in the minority,  2.)They were honestly curious-instead of being cruel, and 3.)It was a good opportunity to educate them about the benefits of breastfeeding past a year. I also told them that Charis and I were both mutually enjoying our breastfeeding relationship and that every parent is different.

A few other toddler breastfeeding issues that I struggled with are:

But despite the few difficulties I've had, overall I have received support and understanding from friends, and I would encourage others to give support to other mothers as well.

What struggles or issues have you faced with breastfeeding a toddler?
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17 April 2013

Shawls {Yarn Along}

I finished the Splendid Triangle Shawl and gave it to Mrs. G. on Sunday. It was knit with Lion Brand's Homespun yarn, which I strongly dislike. It feels plasticky, not that I'm surprised, since it's 100% acrylic. The pattern itself was boring and monotonous.

My husband took a quick photograph before heading to church.

Yesterday, I started knitting the Summer Flies shawl for myself. I purchased this yarn at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in 2011 and finally found a project for it. I also downloaded this pattern last year, when it was still free. Note to self: Let this be a lesson. If you like a free pattern and plan on knitting it in the future, download it.  

4/16/2013: Finished Sections 1 & 2. So far, this is a quick knit and keeps me on my toes because of the changes.

Section 1 completed.
What are you reading or knitting?
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11 April 2013

Nursing a Distracted Baby {#BFBlogHop}

The first two months after Charis was born, I read at least 5 books while breastfeeding her-one John Grisham, one Jeffrey Archer, and I forget who the others were by. I thought, "This is great! I can always read while breastfeeding her." But, I was the one to have the last laugh. Once she started discovering the world around her, she got more and more distracted and a few months later started trying out for the baby gymnastics team.

When she first got distracted, I realized I had to put the books down and interact with her more. Sometimes it just meant holding her hand or letting her play with my hair. I also bought a Teething Bling necklace, which served two purposes:

  1. Allowing a teething, grumpy baby to chomp on.
  2. Allowing a distracted baby to play with.j
More time went by and when Charis was around 12 months, she started trying to do flips and cartwheels while nursing. When we were at home, I did not mind so much, but when we were out and about, I made sure to tuck at least one of her legs between my ribs and arm. It helped her remain calmer, and I was not as worried about having a passerby see something.

What did you do when breastfeeding a distracted baby?
How did you respond to nursing gymnastics?

10 April 2013

Almost No Knitting Progress {Yarn Along}

Before we left for prayer meeting this afternoon.
Yes, she's moist from sweat, not a bath.
I originally was not going to write a Yarn Along post this week. I'm not knitting anything new. I have not finished any previous projects or made significant strides in them either. It's been warm hot this week, and our AC has not been turned on yet, so I don't feel like knitting too much. Today it was about 90 degrees. Charis and I walked to the library today where I checked out Organized Simplicity and Incredible Edibles.

When we were at the library, the 3-5 year old story time was about to start. One of the librarians asked if we were going in. I said, "My daughter was only 2." She said, "That's fine. She's welcome."  I asked Charis if she wanted to go in, and she said no. I asked if she wanted me to read to her, and she replied, "Yes." So, I read to her instead. She's been to story time before, but doesn't interact like the other children do. She just stands from afar, sucking her thumb. Though, we've only been twice, so if I made a habit of going things might be different. I was able to get far more interaction with one on one reading.

What are you reading or knitting?
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09 April 2013

Walking and Playground Fun

One of my pet peeves is to read people complaining on Facebook about it being "so hot" or "It's 85 degrees in April, this is torture."  I want to say, "Hello, you were the same person complaining last month about still needed to wear winter clothes."

I have been enjoying the weather.  Charis and I went to the park yesterday and I walked for >3 miles, afterwards she played on the playground.  Today, we walked to the bank, post office, and library.  We did not go into the library, because I thought I wasn't smelling to great.  Instead, Charis played on the playground equipment there.

Twitter Party Tonight {#schoolofcloth}

I love entering giveaways and attending Twitter parties. Why? I have won 30+ cloth diapers. I originally started entering giveaways because Drew much preferred pocket diapers, but we didn't have many. So, I entered many giveaways. God blessed us and I have won at least 12 diapers that I used on Charis. You're probably wondering, where did the other diapers go? My sister in law received at least five for her son, I've given some to at least 5 friends from church, and have 6 set aside to give as baby gifts.

The #schoolofcloth Twitter party is from 9-10 PM EST.  RSVP here. Yes, I am planning on attending, but not for long. My name is @wifemummynurse.

Never attended a Twitter party before? Check out this quick tutorial by Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry.

05 April 2013

My Love and I {this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

My love and I {ignore the George Mason Memorial in the background.}  I realized recently that I have almost zero pictures of Drew.  Yes, I really am married.  ;)
My parents were in town visiting last week, and my mum wanted to go see the Cherry Blossoms.  Let's just say, there were just buds on the trees-no blossoms.  So, we went to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and ate at Phillips Seafood in D.C.  

04 April 2013

Breastfeeding Past One Year {#BFBlogHop}

Never did I imagine I would breastfeed one child for almost two years.  I was just going to be happy to breastfeed for one year, but as the year went by, I decided not to wean my daughter.  Why?

  • She was still nursing about 4-6X/day-once in the morning, once at night, and grazing during the day, and I was not wanting to stop and battle it out with her.
  • She still received the antibodies from breastfeeding.
  • Breast milk still met her nutrients.  The World Health Organization states, 
"The transition from exclusive breastfeeding to full use of family foods is a very vulnerable period. It is the time when many infants become malnourished, contributing significantly to the high prevalence of malnutrition in children under five years of age worldwide."
  • I loved the small, quiet moments during the day.  It was easy to comfort and calm her.
Did you breastfeed over one year?

03 April 2013

Baby Gifts {Yarn Along}

I finished the Ruffled skirted soaker for Helen's baby; she'll get this if he has a girl.

I'm still knitting the sweater for Helen's baby and this one will be given if she has a boy.

I am not reading anything other than my Bible, my case management book, and books to Charis.  I did watch the first episode of Call the Midwife, and as I expected, it was brilliant. 

What are you reading or knitting this week?
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02 April 2013

Good Things Amidst a Sea of Emotions {Gratituesday}

Lately, my emotions have been up and down and feel bad for this.  God has given me so many good things-nothing of which I deserve.  I'm thankful for...

The kind gift that was given to my husband and I this week.

Fellowship of friends today.

Babies that have been born and the pregnancies that have been announced.

Leftovers we had tonight.

My independent daughter.

My loving husband.

And a God who loves me and will never leave me, nor forsake me.

What are you thankful for?
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01 April 2013

Playground Fun

Today after Charis took her "nap", I took her out behind our apartment to play on the playground set.  She LOVED it; no, it was not her first time playing out back. The only thing I'll do differently next time will be take her during the middle of the day, when school is in session.  There were older elementary students playing, and they were being a little bit rough.  Charis was not in danger, but I was nervous at times.