Wife, Mummy, Nurse: My First Sweater Completed {Yarn Along}

24 April 2013

My First Sweater Completed {Yarn Along}

I finished my first knit sweater for my cousin's baby. I sent the package-the sweater and skirtie-to Saundy {my sister} who will be taking it over to Scotland and giving it to Helen and Mike. I was too cheap and did not want to pay for international shipping, so I'm praying it gets to it's final destination.

I am listening to The Confession by John Grisham. Grisham is on an anti death penalty soapbox, but I still enjoy this book. I am not even halfway finished with it. I know this is fictional, but John Grisham is correct about the fact that police can lie during an interrogation, and this fact bothers me. I also know that if I am questioned by police re. a crime, I will get a lawyer, even if I'm innocent. This is my right-to have a lawyer. Too often people think police are always good, but they forget, they are sinful like every other human. I also realize that police and too many people in this country do not act like people are innocent until proven guilty; people automatically assume, "The police wouldn't wrongly accuse someone of a crime; they must be right." Dana's reaction about Travis Boyette at the beginning is sadly true about what happens in many churches with those who have major sins.

What are you knitting or reading this week?
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  1. The sweater turned out quite nice. :) And you've got me thinking I may need to get a copy of that Grisham book.

  2. Your first sweater is perfect! love the cable going down the front :)

  3. It turned out beautiful. You should be very proud. I would not have paid international shipping either.

  4. The sweater is beautiful! I really love the simplicity of the design and how it makes the cable pop.

  5. Very Nice! Might give that a try.

    Didn't Grisham write another book dealing with the death penalty? He does such a good job with southern stereotypes. Painted House was interesting but does not follow his usual pattern of good lawyer fighting the bad system. Meanwhile, the good ol' Peoples Republic of Maryland has done away with the death penalty. I'm torn though... with a system as badly run as the American Justice system, I'm not sure we can trust any convictions as serious as the D.P.

    I'm knitting the Ribbed Baby Jacket, by Debbie Bliss but I've not made a project page yet. It is #1 in my queue. Using up some leftover skeins of Wool Ease.