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23 April 2013

Tuesday: A Day in My Life {Toddle Along Tuesday}

Charis on a seahorse.
7:00 AM: Charis usually wakes up, but today, she didn't wake up until 8:00 AM. An extra hour felt GLORIOUS!! The first word out of her mouth was, "Mummy."  The second, "Food?" We had oatmeal, milk, and bananas for breakfast. I had coffee with half and half.

9:30 AM: We had family worship. We sang Psalm 34 and 30. Drew read Proverbs 4. We all prayed. I love hearing Charis pray.

11:00 AM: We went on a 3+ mile walk at the park. Afterwards, I let Charis play at the playground.

12:30 PM: We came home, ate lunch, and Charis and I napped. She took a 3 1/2 hour. I took an hour nap. I'm blessed with a daughter who still {often} takes naps.

4:30 PM: Charis woke up. We went out to the playground behind our apartment where she played on the slide and swings.

6:15 PM: Charis announced, "I stink." We go inside, and I changed Charis' diaper. She ate dinner. Teeth brushed. Read, sang, and prayed before she went to bed.

This is a very rough sketch of my day. I changed Charis' diaper more than once. Cleaned. Did dishes. Cuddled with my daughter. Cooked dinner. Did laundry. Read. Listened to The Confession.

How does your day look like?
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  1. Love playing at the playground! Haha "I stink" too funny! :]