Wife, Mummy, Nurse: When are You Stopping? {#BFBlogHop}

18 April 2013

When are You Stopping? {#BFBlogHop}

When I was still breastfeeding Charis past a year, people often asked, "When are you stopping?" Yes, it was sometimes discouraging, but I reminded myself that 1.)I was in the minority,  2.)They were honestly curious-instead of being cruel, and 3.)It was a good opportunity to educate them about the benefits of breastfeeding past a year. I also told them that Charis and I were both mutually enjoying our breastfeeding relationship and that every parent is different.

A few other toddler breastfeeding issues that I struggled with are:

But despite the few difficulties I've had, overall I have received support and understanding from friends, and I would encourage others to give support to other mothers as well.

What struggles or issues have you faced with breastfeeding a toddler?
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  1. I'm totally right there with you. I'll stop when we stop. Nugget isn't ready and I'm not going to push her to do something until she's ready developmentally and emotionally <3

  2. Thanks for the comment - and what a great topic of conversation this is! I nursed my son until he was almost 3 and enjoyed it all. My daughter is almost 10 mo and going strong although she is a serious biter. I think it is all teething related but wow is it rough right now. You should get a chanter and play some tunes! I was lucky enough to find a nonprofit band so my lessons are free. It is hard to get the 1 hour a week out of the house though, hah! Beautiful sweater too...