Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Baby Knits {Yarn Along}

29 May 2013

Baby Knits {Yarn Along}

One of my favorite television shows is Call the Midwife. My reasons:
  • It involves midwives. I always wanted to work in L&D and possibly become a midwife. As of yet, those doors have not opened.
  • I get to see many babies in knit clothes and accessories. I give hand knit items as baby gifts.
Drew's parents were visiting us at the beginning of May, and they took Charis with them back to Pennsylvania. I was without my daughter for about 10 days. I had planned on getting much cleaning accomplished. Instead, I finished knitting baby items for pregnant friends. My Grandad also died May 8th, and for about 18 hours, it was uncertain if I'd go over to Northern Ireland for his funeral. In the end, I did not go, but after that, I crashed and napped for 4+ hours. Remember, my daughter was in PA, so I was not being neglectful.

Here are a few items I finished:

Pixie hat in bunny hop.
For R's baby.

Leapfrog shorties.
For R's baby.

Baby Vertebrae.
For N's Baby.

I also have two other baby knits cast on, but I only have pictures of the first 6-10 rows.  Hopefully, I'll be finished with at least one of them next week.

I am reading Jefferson's Sons by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley but have only read the first two chapters thus far.
What are you knitting or reading?
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  1. So sorry about your Grandfather. Your knits are very sweet!

  2. Ten days? Wow! Why clean when you could knit? I say you made the right choice. :) So sorry about your grandpa and that you didn't get to go to the funeral.

    Blessings, ~Lisa

  3. I bet the ten days felt like forever!! I have great plans on getting things done and then I check the internet and sometimes hours slip away from me :)

  4. Lovely baby knits! I would choose knitting over cleaning any day (and often do.)
    I'm sorry about your Grandad.