Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Body Parts {#BFBlogHop}

04 May 2013

Body Parts {#BFBlogHop}

As Charis got older and started becoming more active when I breastfed her, I decided to sing songs and teach her different things, especially her body parts. The first body part she learned was "belly button." I'd ask, "Where's your belly button?" She'd lift up her shirt and point at her stomach.  "Where's your nose?" She'd then point at her nose.  "Where's your ear?" Finger up towards her ear. I did these because I wanted to have some control over the situation. If I didn't do this, then Charis would be working on her cartwheel and somersault routines.

These were the moments I treasured, even though it sometimes meant a little hand would go down my shirt or she'd say, "ba ba ba ba" in public. Even though she is no longer breastfed, I now treasure my time with her in other ways, reading, coloring, "knitting", etc.

What fun things did you do while breastfeeding?
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  1. I used to love the little hand going down my shirt in public! She kept doing it occasionally even when she was weaned.

  2. We still place this game with our older kids but now I used Spanish words in place of the English body parts. They still think it great fun.