Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival {Yarn Along}

22 May 2013

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival {Yarn Along}

For the last two years, on the first Saturday in May, I have gone to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival; this year was no exception. 

I blogged about it in 2011, but I did not blog about it last year because I had a lady tell me that I should not bring my daughter and in turn, I called her a "bitter, old lady."  While she was bitter and old {in her 60s-70s}, I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but I should not be dwelling on it.

This year, Charis went to visit Grandpa and Grandma and Granny and Grandad in Pennsylvania, and I was free to go without her. It was enjoyable without her, but at the same time, I missed having her with me.  In 2011, I wore her on my back in the Boba carrier, and a few times, she would reach out and pull on yarn that was $50+, so last year I decided to have her in the stroller.  This year, I was able to enjoy looking at things without worrying about what my daughter was doing.  I actually went into the barns and didn't just look at the yarn.  If you're a blogger and I recognize you, I will say hello, as Mindi from Simply Stavish found out.  I hope you enjoy the following photographs.  I took more photos, but how many sheep pictures do you really need to look at. 

In Fiber Optic Yarns booth. Their yarns are
GORGEOUS, but none were bought by me.

Lunch=Lamb Gyro

Roving bought from Gale's Art for a friend of mine.

Have you ever been to a fiber festival? If not, I highly recommend going. 

In other news, I'm knitting baby items for friends, those photos will be posted next week, DV.

What are you knitting or reading?
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  1. I have been to local fiber festivals and they have been fun! Now to go to a big one, that is on the list to do :)

  2. Did you see any wool from Hatchtown Farm? We visited them last year in Bristol and bought some beautiful Coopersmith wool.

  3. I recognize that last picture :)

  4. How fun this looks! I've never been to a wool festival like this, so I'm a wee bit envious. Thanks for sharing! ~Lisa

  5. How fun that you got to go to a fiber festival!!!!! I'm so excited for you that you were given a CSA share! I hope you enjoy lots of delicious things this summer!

  6. Wow that's sounds so fun!
    I would like taking my baby girl to a fiber festival!

    Have a nice week,

  7. Great photos! It was so good to meet you. I love meeting other local bloggers! :) HOw rude of that lady to see you should not have brought your daughter. I brought both boys to the festival 2 years ago in a double stroller and my husband as back up. It's a sheep festival afterall...what kid doesn't love sheep?!