Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Preparations and Supplies {#flatschallenge}

21 May 2013

Preparations and Supplies {#flatschallenge}

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Since this is my third time participating in the Flats and handwashing challenge, I did not have to do anything to prepare for the challenge.  I regularly use flat diapers, especially since we use coin operated machines
The flat diapers I'm using consist of:
  • IKEA flats, AKA burp rags, but they happen to be my favorite.
  • One hemp babies flat diaper
  • One Orange Diaper company flat diaper
  • Two Dippee Dyppees flat diapers
  • 12 dozen OsoCozy diapers
  • 1 Diaper Rite diaper, which was given to me.
Charis' covers are:
Day 1: Went well-overall.  I only had to change 3 dirty diapers, two of which were a bowel movement.  My daughter HATES going poop on the potty, but loves peeing on it.  Which is so frustrating.  It's so much easier to handwash diapers that have been peed on than pooped on.  Another thing is Charis got into my conditioner while the diapers were soaking in the bucket and a large amount got over the diapers; I think I'll have to work on rinsing those diapers off better.  Needless to say, I'm thankful to have more than 12 flat diapers.

What supplies are you using?
How did your first day of using flats and handwashing go?
This post contains affiliate links.

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