Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Braided Longies {Yarn Along}

05 June 2013

Braided Longies {Yarn Along}

This past week, I have not completed any knits. I've only knit for 3-4 hours, but I have been busy doing other things, cleaning, walking, organizing, cooking, reading, trying to keep up with Charis, sleeping, etc. During this time of month, I'm more tired than at other times, so I do the necessities and skip the more fun things, like knitting.  Hopefully, next week I'll have more to show.

For now, I'm knitting the braided longies for a loved one who's due in October.  They're with Lamb's Pride worsted; I chose lemon drop {yellow} because the baby's gender will be a surprise.

On Monday, I started reading Little House in the Big Woods with Charis before bed. She even requested it on Tuesday-calling it, "Big Woods".  I'm glad to be reading her a small chapter book.  This is my first time reading a Laura Ingalls Wilder book.  Most people are shocked to learn I have not read any of the Little House books; it's almost as if, reading those books is a rite of passage.

What are you reading or knitting?
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  1. Love the bright yellow of your longies; I've never knit a pair in any pattern, but might have to for the grandbaby. My daughter is reading through the Little House series this year and is on the final book, These Happy Golden Years. They are wonderfully stories!

  2. Your longies look great! Love the bright yellow!

  3. I used to read Little House books during bath time. It worked out well because the kids loved to play in the bath, and they never made much of a mess because they wanted to hear the story, so not too much splashing!

    I love that bright yellow! It reminds me of daffodils.

  4. I just 'favorite'-ed the longies on ravelry! Great pattern. You had never read a Little House book? Shock. Absolutely it's a rite of passage. So glad you are passing. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Oh those are such a bright cheerful colour, I love them.

  6. I love the bright yellow yarn!

    I have always loved the little house books! I even made a quilt in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder!

  7. Oh, I love those longies! If I just had a little one to knit for ;)

  8. The longies look great!

    Don't feel too bad about not having read Little House yet... I didn't read them until I read them to my two older ones and they were both over 5 years old. Also didn't read Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, or Narnia until I was married with children. Sadly, no one introduced me to them until my hubby did. I'm glad he did.


  9. What cute longies! I love them.
    I didn't read the Little House books until a couple of years ago but I've been lost on the prairie ever since. It's such an amazing story to follow and I find the simplicity keeps me grounded. I hope you enjoy them even half as much as I do.

  10. I loved the Little House books as a kid!

    What's the Lamb's Pride like to knit with, I've never tried it? The longies look good :)

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