Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Lace Headband/Neck Warmer {Yarn Along}

26 June 2013

Lace Headband/Neck Warmer {Yarn Along}

This week, I'm knitting the center row lace headband/neck warmer, which has actually been a work in progress since December.  At Christmas, I left this knitting project at my parents and when I took it back home over a month ago, I left it sitting.  When I resumed my knitting, I remembered why I did not enjoy knitting the headband.  It was because my yarn was a TANGLED mess.  I pulled the yarn from the inside and had to stop my knitting about every other row, pull out more yarn, untangle it, knit again, and repeat.  This got old very fast.  On Sunday, I decided to pull out all the yarn and roll it into a ball.  Now, it's much better, and if I dedicate 1-2 hours, I should be finished with it by Saturday for my sister-in-law's birthday party.

What are you reading or knitting this week?
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  1. What yarn are you using? I love the colors and it looks nice and squishy!

  2. love it! so cheerful and vibrant! I find taking the time to makes balls of yarn to be well worth the trouble!

  3. Ah tangled yarn! sometimes it's much quicker just to unravel it all and roll it back up.
    Hope you get finished for the party. Great colors.

  4. Now the yarn is sorted enjoy knitting with these happy colours.

  5. awesome colors! I've never knit but I have done a little crocheting and think I might start again:)