Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Soaker and Because of Winn-Dixie {Yarn Along}

17 July 2013

Soaker and Because of Winn-Dixie {Yarn Along}

I'm currently knitting a small soaker for a giveaway that runs through the end of July. Enter here. I am using up yarn I had lying around.  I'm getting frustrated at all the clutter in our one bedroom apartment, and Drew had better watch out.  I'm about to start purging.  Every so often I go through this phase and then stop when things are in order.

This next paragraph contains an affiliate link.  I finally finished reading Little House in the Big Woods to Charis, and we started reading Because of Winn-Dixie on Monday.  It's a FAST read; I read at least 2-3 chapters every sitting and am already on page 60-something.   It's about a girl {Opal} who moved so her dad could become the pastor at Open Arms Baptist Church in Naomi, FL.  She met and befriended a dog at the grocery store and took him home with her the first summer in Naomi.  So far, it's an enjoyable book, the stories are pleasant, and I love putting on an accent while reading it to Charis.
What are you knitting or reading?
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  1. fun knit! I know how much clutter can stress one out! all the best to you.

  2. Looks like a cute soaker! I'd love to win it for our new one due in December :)

  3. Gorgeous yarn for your soaker! You are the second yarn along-er I have seen doing a soaker this week. Are you using a pattern? I keep compiling soaker patterns to try and choose the best one before I start working on my first one soon...

    I have just discovered Kate DiCamillo and think I may put Winn-Dixie on hold at the library for when I finish my current read. I loved Tale of Desperaux by her and my husband loved her Edward Tulane... so all that to say, I think you have great taste ;)

  4. It looks like your project is coming along. Your work is lovely. I am working on some baby hats and booties for a couple of patients. I found the patterns and loved them so much working on them for our new baby that I had to do some for the other babies being born.