Wife, Mummy, Nurse: From the Lips of my Daughter

13 August 2013

From the Lips of my Daughter

Last week, before my daughter went to bed, we prayed together, but then she decided she wanted to pray by herself. I was amused and thankful for her prayer, "Dear God. Thank you for food. Thank you for chips. Thank you for mommy and daddy... and ME. All done."

I then asked, "Are you finished praying?"

"Yes, mama."

"What do you say at the end of a prayer?"

"In Jesus's name. AMEN."

FYI, we had lentil taco salad that night, with organic blue corn chips for dinner.


  1. Forbid not the little children...how precious!

  2. So cute. And really, we should all be thankful for absolutely everything!!!