Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Hot Chocolate and China

16 August 2013

Hot Chocolate and China

This is Charis's birthday week. So, I decided to buy hot chocolate and allow her to drink one cup per day until it runs out. This morning she insisted on using the Jemina Puddle-Duck china cup which was given to her by Aunt Alice. I decided to let my child use china. I don't want to keep it locked up for vanity purposes-only to be taken out once a year and have it marveled at. Ironically, she has not broken any china plates or bowls, but has broken one everyday cup.

Eating Oatmeal.

"Mama, take a picture of me."
"Okay, Charis. Smile."
Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "Really, a blank stare."

Back to sipping.
Do you let your child{ren} use China?
Why or why not?


  1. Oh I love the Jemima Puddle Duck mug. She was always my favourite Beatrix Potter character growing up.

    I have just recently started allowing my youngest, 3 years old, to use china and glass. So far no breakage from her, but I've broken a few! Oh the irony.

    1. Oh, forgot my "moment" - linking up from SouleMama:


  2. This is such a special moment for Mother and Daughter :) I'm sure she will treasure that you captured this moment for her. I love that she gets to do special treats for her birthday week, also! How special :)

  3. Happy birthday, Charis! Yep, I let my littles use china. :) Gemma even has some sort of china tea set (it was really cheap from Job Lot!) and all the pieces have broken several times and been glued. Lately I've been giving Ruth her food in either a little Pyrex dish or her Beatrix Potter bowls. Highly approve. :)

  4. I haven't let my LO use china yet...he's only 9 mos! But I plan to, as I am a firm believer that dishes should be used and enjoyed, and how else to have them learn that some things are delicate? Yes we'll start with thrift-shop oddballs, but eventually we'll get to the good stuff. :-)